Tuesday, June 24, 2014


One of the MANY stereotypes about gay men is that it is very difficult for them to maintain a monogamous relationship, but why does this rumor even exist?

Because IT’S TRUE!

It’s understandable that many may be offended by the above statement, but the facts are what they are…

First, never dismiss the fact that a gay man is still a man. Apologies go out to anyone’s toes that may be getting stepped on and possibly broken, but, for the most part, it is in a man’s nature to be a sexual conqueror.

Our straight counterparts can attest to the fact the sex drive of a man is a formidable thing indeed, as countless women have felt the heartbreak of a cheating partner.

With that being said, consider that fact that in the homosexual lifestyle, you have millions of men with powerful libidos that are attracted to each other. How is it even feasible that the level of cheating that goes on in these man-to-man relationships would be low?

As the polar opposite of women, most men can easily detach sex from any type of emotional grounding. So, while it is 100% possible that a gay man may be in love with his partner, that same man may have a hard time resisting a sexual encounter with another willing man who tickles his fancy. Also, it is likely that this ‘willing man’ will have no qualms about bedding this relationship-laden guy, for it is simply a sexual thing…nothing more.

Sadly, it is VERY easy to find a sexual partner in the gay community. In fact, it is too easy. With sites like bgclive.com, adam4adam.com and a plethora of others, one can set up a sexual rendezvous and have a warm body in their bed in minutes (literally) and think nothing of it. With such immediate access to sex, excessive cheating in homosexual relationships is inevitable.

Many gay men also feel that a man does not hold dominion over another man as a heterosexual man would have over his woman. This train of thought is triggered by the fact that gay relationships are mostly snubbed by the world in general, so, unfortunately, a good portion of homosexual males do not have a great deal of respect for their relationships because our society does not say that these relationships must be respected. Perhaps if gay marriage we legal everywhere, things would change.

Although infidelity in male-on-male relationships is a severely common occurrence, this does not mean the cheating does not cause problems in these relationships. In fact, all it does it cause problems. Of course, if a gentleman’s lover finds out about his partner’s extracurricular activities, the first blow is made to the wronged party’s ego (even if he has been cheating as well). Gay men are not exempt from the grip of the male ego, in fact, it is when these two male egos clash that the most issues begin to arise, but that is a topic for another day.

Still, such an ego blow will cause massive trust issues in the relationship and may result in “revenge-sex”….bolstering even more problems. Consistent arguments will ensue, and, eventually, it will spell the demise of the relationship. This is a cycle that repeats itself, which is also a big reason why gay relationships are generally very short (oftentimes 3 to 6 months).


  1. In the abstract should we even be asking gay men to have monogamous relationships? Everything might depend on how the partners in a relationship understand their relationship. I know a couple that have been in a very loving partnership for over 30 years, but they have long had the understanding that each will do his own thing sexually.

    1. I agree, some men can have outside activity and it doesn't hurt their relationship, when I think about this entry I think about the men that sneak and hide about engaging in such activity

  2. the couple should be strong enough to live a monogamous relationship, even being open for sex!

    1. I agree as long as both parties are open AND honest with each other

  3. Gay or Str8 Men are sexual creatures, and for the most part don't want to tied down to just one person for variety is the spice of life. We can't be so cocky to take away from those go against this grain. Some men thrive in committed & monogamous relationship. I am one of the those but because I am not in a relationship at the moment and will sling as much dick as I like to whom ever I desire until my circumstances change & I find a suitable suitor.

    I see nothing wrong with a man who spreads himself wide as long as he is single & not in a relationship. To be in a relationship & cheat makes it hard on good men like me & you deserve all the drama you get as a result of your actions

    1. I share your sentiment, when I was single I did whatever I wanted now that I am not in a monogamous relationship, keeping myself for him comes with MUCH ease