Wednesday, July 2, 2014


When your partner goes down, you want the act lasts as long as possible. And although you don’t want to give him lockjaw, you do want the experience to last longer than a few minutes.That said, if you tend to get too excited when your when your willy is getting wet, here are some ways to make it last longer than usual.

Change The Tempo
Instead of bobbing up and down, encourage your man to lick you at different speeds. By changing paces, your penis will experience different sensations, thereby lessening the chances of your letting go too soon. If you’re accustomed to quickness, his slow movements will give you a few moments to regain control, and vice versa.

No Hands
Since you’re well aware that masturbation eventually leads to ejaculation, chances are that if he uses his hands to stroke you while he uses his mouth, you’ll ejaculate more quickly than usual. Tell him that he can’t use his hands to touch your penis, but he can use them to touch any other part of your body.

Lick The Surrounding Areas
Every once in a while, get him to use him tongue on the surrounding areas. Introduce him to your inner thighs, your testicles, or even your anus and let him get creative with that mouth.

Interrupt Fellatio Periodically
Get him to stop licking you so you can focus on his body for a while, interrupting oral sex will help you keep your ejaculate at bay.And allow you to show that you are not selfish. Using a toy will also give him a break without putting an end to oral pleasure. Masturbators provide a unique sensation that will drive you wild. The material of the toy will gently stimulate you prolonging ejaculation. The Super Sucker simulates oral sex perfectly. It has a ribbed inner canal. The effect will provide more attention to the shaft while your partner is working on other parts of your body.

Get Into The 69 Position
Because you’ll be trying your damnedest to get him off in the 69 position, you won’t be able to fully concentrate on the sensations he’s giving you. Get into position, let him do his thing and focus all your attention on giving him an orgasm.



  1. So long since I was sucked that I almost forget what it feels like !?!

  2. I have full dentures, my man enjoys me give bliw job.

  3. Nice. Maybe I'll become a pro if I get into the habit of not using my hands. I'm 18 btw ;)