Thursday, January 21, 2016


It wasn’t that long ago when many of us were living the good life, free of responsibilities and spending our money on anything our young little hearts desired. However, things done changed. We’re not completely up there yet, but we’re getting there and just in case you haven’t noticed, these seven sign might just be your wake up call that old age is just around the bend.

Losing Weight Is Harder

Remember the good old days when you could eat literally anything you wanted and not gain a pound. Stuffing yourself with chips for breakfast, pizza for lunch and a burger for dinner like that was the way things would always be. Now you’re getting up there and one can of soda has your stomach looking like you swallowed a whole person. You have to work out twice as hard to lose 5lbs and three times as hard just to keep it off…signs of the times.

Things Are Poppin’…And It’s Not Your Collar

I don’t consider myself old, but I’m definitely not a spring chicken anymore. Lately when I climb the stairs I can feel or hear a slight ‘pop’ in my knees. Went to the doctor because I thought I had broken something and heard the words I’ve dreaded for years “Sometimes that happens to people as they age.” Sigh, just pass the rocking chair.

It’s Raining And Your Body’s Calling

No this isn’t an ode to R. Kelly, it’s an ode to your old bones. When we were younger we thought granny was exaggerating when she complained of feeling the impending rain in her bones, but if you’ve started feeling aches, pains and strange sensations that come and go with the weather, you might want to call granny up to apologize.

Your Drop Ain’t Hot Anymore

Speaking of old bones, I’ve seen plenty of young guys in the club lately dropping it low…and staying there. The days of dropping it like it’s hot are gone. If you’ve dropped it and struggled to get back up, or dropped it so much that the next morning your knees felt like you ran a marathon, it may be time to pass the torch and find a new dance with less pressure on the joints.

You Get It From Your Momma

No I’m not talking about the junk in your trunk, I’m talking about the words coming out of your mouth. As kids we laughed at some of the things our mothers used to say to us, brushing them off as old people gibberish. Now we find ourselves quoting the same lines in our everyday speech, and worse than that, the sayings actually make sense to us now. Momma never said there would be days like this, smh.

Waka Flocka Is Not Your Friend

When we were young we couldn’t get enough of the music on the radio, but if you’ve started creeping up the age ladder you’re probably realizing that you’d rather listen to your iPod full of Biggie and Tupac than listen to anything playing on the airwaves today. You might dig a song or two, but for the most part you’re dying to hear music similar to what played in the “good old days” and that right there is sign that retirement is right around the corner.

Forget Mail…You’ve Got Bills

Ahhh youth, the days when you ran the world care free saving your money from that part time job to buy the latest fashion item. Now, any time someone comes to you with plans for a trip, dinner or anything else that involves spending money, the first words out of your mouth usually sound something like “Well I gotta see because folk got bills and ish soooo…” Yea…old.

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