Monday, February 22, 2016


My boyfriend is great but I feel like I rarely see him. He’s super busy at work, does a lot of volunteer work, and is very involved with this family. I don’t want to be selfish, but I want more of his time. I know he loves me but at this point I’m lucky if I see him once per week for a few hours. I guess I feel neglected. I’m afraid to bring up the issue too often especially because I know everything he is doing is worthwhile. Should I just get busier and get over this or should I ask for more of his time?

Have you ever had to deal with this? 

What are your thought?

What advice would you give this person?


  1. "I’m lucky if I see him once per week for a few hours. I guess I feel neglected." Damn right you should feel neglected because you ARE! It seems that all of the other things are more important to your "boyfriend" than the "relationship" that he does not have time for. This is not to say that things won't get better, or that you should leave. Tell him what you want ... what you NEED! If he feels the same way about you that you apparently feel about him, he will MAKE TIME! Perhaps a little less time volunteering, or with "family" will rectify matters. He really doesn't sound like a bad guy, it just sounds like his priorities are out of whack. And just how long have you two been together? What some folks call a "relationship" and a "boyfriend" these days are anything but! If it's been any length of real time, perhaps you CAN spare him, and find as meaningful activities of your OWN. This can be solved. It doesn't sound like you're being particularly selfish based on your side of the matter; we haven't heard his.

  2. are you sure he is faithful? someone seeing their 'partner' once a week, sounds weird. If they were really into you, why would they not make the effort to see you more? something about all this, just does not add up. I am thinking they are not so into the connection or there is something else going on. TALK to him & trust your feelings & instincts.