Tuesday, June 28, 2016


YES, courtship is important in selecting a mate! 

Although more gay men are into hookups, there is still a demand for same-sex couples wanting to consider their desires for life-time partnerships before setting their wedding date. In the “DAYS OF YORE” sexual intimacy was not present before the wedding bed! Over past decades couples have become accustomed to sexual activity before marriage—either as occasional trysts or living together full-time. This same trend has been occurring between same sex couples.
To minimize lifestyle conflicts, common interests are very important for any couple. NO couple has 100% common interests, but variances should be minimal to sustain long-term compatibility. Sustainable relationships are easier if a couple recognizes their similarities and differences and then make allowances in daily living. 
With lots of discussion between you two can bring a couple closer together not further apart. A couple can benefit from “pillow talk” in bed after sensual lovemaking. This is an excellent time to talk about inner feelings with each other, common interests and variances especially discussing sexual activity that needs adjustment to maximize the intensity of your climaxes.

As gay men, do you think courtship is important?


  1. I believe it is....must be the best assurance that forever will never be complete without eachother. #Forbetterorforworse #ForRicherForPoorer #InSicknessandinhealth till death do us part.....I long for my day to come and the begining of a lifetime. Amen

  2. Why not of course but the belief factor plays an enormous part! You just have to love one another to make that decision TTTOOOGGGEEETTTTHHHEEERRR!!!!

  3. Why court each other when the next dudes goingnro give up sex. The competition is cunning and bold. Apps like Grindr and Jackd have made it even harder to court. We can send pics of ass and dick. If manages his time right he can sex for days and weeks min stop. Majority of guys have become cold and heartless because of the cycle of hurt. I'm glad that I haven't given up. My heart is to big. Don't get me wrong I've been played and hurt beyond belief but in Will not give up on love.