Sunday, June 5, 2016


"There are numerous laws that govern the behavior of the Universe, yet none are as mysterious, or quite as misunderstood, as the Law of Attraction. It is the nature of the multi-dimensional Universe, comprised primarily of energy, constantly being reconstructed by consciousness, to act as a giant mirror. For this reason, the Universe will always show you exactly who you are. It will surround you with your own reflections, respond to your deepest emotions, and thus effectively reinforce your own belief system. Yet this is an illusion--some might even say a trap. Some of the greatest mystery schools of the ancient world grasped this elusive truth, but that subtle understanding was eventually lost to time and effectively misrepresented. And so, the rational mind perceives the Universe as divined--between heaven and earth, between mind and body, between cause and effect. 

 Because the Universe acts as a mirror, it will align itself closer and closer to your own expectations just as quantum particles take their cue from their observer. Ultimately, the Universe will either lead you down a very dark rabbit hole or lead you to a glorious inner light. It will even keep you locked within the ignorance of your own fishbowl, if that is what you deeply desire. 

The choice of path, however, is entirely your own. Sometimes an entire world can find itself falling down a rabbit hole." 

 ~David Nova, "Season of the Serpent: Book One"

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