Monday, June 6, 2016


The other day I was talking with a guy, who in his late 40s, is now coming to terms with his m4m side and experimenting with it. We got into the topic of “what’s the wildest thing you’ve done?,” and I told him it would have to be a half hour long session of shower water system enema play.
He was dumbfounded and went on to remark “I read that douching is actually bad for you.” 
One should NEVER bottom without douching first! That’s just common courtesy, right? Besides, you don’t want a reputation of being THAT KIND of man that leaves paint on the brush.
Now, this guy is new to the scene as I said. But surely, there CANNOT be any seasoned and tenured bottoms who have this same logic and feel this way…could it?

So, the question I feel I want to ask is “To Douche, or Not to Douche?”  You know where I stand.


  1. I say, "to each, his own." It's his body and his sexual experience; he should be free to do with both as he pleases, so long as its consensual (and legal, of course). Some guys like, and even prefer, a 'natural' experience...meaning, not douched out. And frankly, some times accidents happen, or impromptu moments, or just no way around it. Heck, even a straight woman I highly respect once said, "damn all these men wanting my booty, like it just STAYS ready for their trifflin selves. You can't be plowing down the Hershey Highway all the time and NOT expect to hit a speed bump every now and then, if you know what I mean"...then she would fan herself like she was a good sistah of the church sitting in the front row. LOL

  2. Ahhhh..... You better clean that booty. I have never painted. Yes, never painted because if I don't feel fresh and clean it ain't happening.

  3. All natural is hot too... ;-)

  4. I always douche. .it makes sex better

  5. if I dont feel clean inside... there is no way you are going to enter me.