Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Ours is a world that refuses to see itself. And until we come to terms with this, we are forever blind to the real problems that plague us.

We have a long history of taking detours around the real problem of homophobia. Many of us are haunted by the temptingly seductive view that if gay people would just stand upright, live a life that is ‘right’, be ultra-perfect in God's eyes, we can somehow undo the wholesale legacy of homophobia. The logic is that good behavior is the one-way ticket out of a lifestyle that leads nowhere. But good behavior is no more an escape from this way of thinking than bad behavior is a justification for being gunned @ a night club. The reality is that it does not matter.

Still, we suffer in this world under the stifling hands of a world that refuses to see itself, that refuses to admit that the great defect of our humanity. We are a world that refuses to stay on topic. It’s the apple’s fault for falling off the tree. Gay people are partly to blame for the conditions we are in.

The solution to homophobia is what exactly? No matter what they come up with, we end up climbing a falling a ladder. While very few gay people might benefit from ‘praying the gay away’ program, our communities yet struggle to survive. All while the world seem unable to come to terms with its inability to come to terms with their hatred.

The world’s ultimate preoccupation has been with attempting to excuse itself of its homophobia. The war has forever been in our front yards, on our doorsteps, and in our living rooms and respectability has proved to be our least formidable weapon. So long as ours is a world and a people that refuses to commit to the difficult conversation of seeing gay communities and identities as interconnected and our struggles as bound together, we are a planet and a people that refuse to see ourselves.

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  1. Hate is never and answer to anything. It only begets more violence and marginalization. Excellent post, my nude buddy! Love and naked hugs!