Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Why is it so hard to find blacks bottoming for whites in interracial porn? With few exceptions, porn studios seem to think there is only one acceptable way to show interracial sex: The hyper-aggressive African-American top and the submissive white bottom.

Is gay porn racist? Or is it a benign form of stereotyping?


  1. Gay porn is run mostly by white male (not men). Even the ethnic porn studios like FlavaWorks. These white males are using sex as a means to punishment themselves for their racism and white guilt. Proof of this is how the black male is practically never a romantic top. He's always uber-aggressive. Primal. Hence why I coined the phrase to describe such behavior by the controversial term "gorilla ni**er".

    During my time in porn, I long tried to undo this by voluntarily being a bottom in movies, even though I was (and still am) versatile in my off-camera life. I still try to undo this today in my blog posts. Even though I now see the porn industry as a cesspool. So on one hand, I feel the industry can keep their racism. Let these racist porn producers keep destroying their white males who are young and naive, or old and dumb enough to pursue and hang on for dear life trying to stay in that industry. On the other hand, porn influences the behavior of too many gay males for us to be silent on this matter. Therefore, if this matter is not addressed, then the racism and fetishizing of blacks and other ethnicities will continue to go unchecked.

    So when it comes to speaking up on this issue, it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't.

  2. Maybe it has something to do with the objectification of us as black men and the way in which power is defined as resident in our penises and dick sizes and the associated use (in the fuck), submission might be a means to get away from the established reality of the present power differentials of privileged Caucasian males ..... this is a subject matter worth exploring some more


  3. where i live in Miami where its predominately hispanic. The majority of these men will not take charge of the situation and understandably for there short coming...However I've met some who were bigger yet won't standup to the plate which i don't understand. White and hispanic tops are hard to come by.

  4. It is difficult to find real top white men and there are not so many passive black men. This is first reason. Then it is absolutely true that the most common fantasm is racist and exists either in black or white brains: the white man has to be passive and dominated by black man in revenge of social situation and worst, as an exotic sexual experience, some kind of extreme experience.

  5. It perhaps may be that is what the producers/studio executives believe that is what the public wants to see. There are many Black bottoms available in the gay porn industry (Trap Boyy, Dominic Santos, CumBack, etc.). Too bad they don't get a wider audience. Love and many naked hugs, mt blogging buddy!