Thursday, July 7, 2016


IN A COMMUNITY built on a shared foundation of feeling different, and facing some sort of discrimination, why do we feel the need to constantly cut each other down? 

I have encountered many different types of gay men. No one is exactly the same, and within our broad general gay community there are subcultures, just like inside any other large community. 

However, what boggles my mind is that there seems to be some sort of hierarchy within the gay community, or at least a never-ending amount of cliques. You know, those things that existed in high school. Why are we so competitive as a community?

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  1. Perhaps because we all face discrimination as a collective group, we internalize these feelings by creating our own sub-cultures in order to have someone to blame for the marginalization we all experience. Like if the "sissy-boys" weren't so flamboyant, we'd all fit into normal society. I'm not advocating or promoting that particular thought - it is merely an example. Good question my nude fellow blogger! Take care and stay bare!