Thursday, July 21, 2016


Today I’d like to know what is your type of man? Over the years managing the blog, I’ve read from many of you that you are “tired of the gay stereotypes”, that there are “not enough average guys in porn”, that “the gays are too plastic and all about the looks and muscles”, that “there isn’t enough diversity in the community” etc.
I want to know what gets YOU off? What kind of man do you like the most? I am not ONLY talking about looks here, both appearance and personality! His shape, his ethnicity, his size, his height, his sex role and age, but also his education, his values, his humour, how extroverted/introverted he is etc.

Is he short, Asian, bottom, shy and submissive? Is he a tall bear, versatile and goofy? Is he Black, with a nice bubblebutt and a big heart? What is your ideal, the man of your dream? Make sure leave comment, maybe your ideal man will read it and will want to chat with you or even meet you, who knows?!

1 comment:

  1. My idea guy is someone who's personality is similar to my own. He has to be masculine but not overly i would hope he has a small feminine side that he iisn't afraid to show,he also has to have a strong work ethic and know how to maintain home! As far as body type since ima short dude he maybe shouldn't be too much taller than myself which is 5/6. I guess in a nutshell im not looking for Mr perfect because he doesn't exist but a strong black bacis type dude would work for me!