Thursday, May 4, 2017


Live your own life with boldness and authenticity, and you add value to all of life. Expect the best for yourself, fulfill that expectation with honest, effective effort, and everyone benefits.

Being bold does not mean being a brute. Boldly following your own desires does not require that you trample on the lives of others.

There is more than enough abundance for everyone. Life affords plenty of space for the fulfillment of every person's own unique dreams.

You are here to be you, so don't be ashamed of that. Celebrate your uniqueness by expressing it in ways that add new and compelling richness to the world.

Every day delivers fresh opportunities for you to show life how good it is to be alive. Do it with kindness in your heart, with respect, love and originality.

The world is hungry for the special value that can come only from you. Boldly and generously, let it flow.
Here's to enjoying the last of the dirty thirties!

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